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Picture of hand with warts Also known as:
Seed Warts, Plantar Warts

Causes: Warts are indirectly passed from person-to-person and are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV.

Condition overview:
Warts are non-cancerous, skin-colored growths caused by a virus in the top layer of the skin. Warts may appear as rough, surfaced, thickened lesions or, on occasion, are flat and smooth. Warts can be present singly or in a cluster (Mosaic Warts) such as around fingernails or soles of feet.

There are multiple types of warts:
  • Common Warts usually grow on the fingers, around the nails, and on the backs of the hands.
  • Foot (Plantar) Warts
  • Flat Warts are smaller and smoother than other warts, and grow in large numbers anywhere on the body.
  • Water Warts (Molluscum)
  • Genital Warts
Enlarging, rough, surfaced viral lesions that may become infected, bleed, or become sore.

Before and After Images 
Topical Home Treatments
  • Salicylic Acid (Duofilm)
  • Aldera Cream
 In-Office Treatments
  • Cantharidin which causes a blister to form under the wart. This treatment is usually repeated after several weeks.
  • Cryotherapy or Liquid Nitrogen Therapy freezes the warts. Repeat treatments may be necessary at two week intervals.
  • Surgical Removal  
  • Laser Surgery with the Pulsed Dye Laser is used for resistant warts that have not responded to other therapies. This Laser works by targeting and interrupting blood vessels that supply the wart. Multiple treatments may be necessary.

Before and Afters

Warts Before and After
Warts Before
Warts Before and After
Warts Before
Warts Before and After
Warts Before